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feel safe in. >> this is a neighborhood where maybe the dog can sleep well but no one eels this is right there. >> that is a type of neighborhood that they brought their boy home to. if the 11-year-old appeared to be walking slowly he had 16 good reasons. count bullet holes riddling the house. this passed through three walls. >> i remembered i was crying and running around. and there was blood all over the floor. >> and there is where when you see kids coming from his room, crying, bleeding. >> harder for a father to look up from a pillow to see the head board and hole from one
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bullet. >> this is a massacre. >> what about you? >> i'm scared, too. >> the family of five is a family of faith snuck a hard luck rental looking for a way out. maybe worse than being told you can't go home again is having no other option. >> and i can't keep my kids right here, every day have you to wake skup see holes there and have this happen? i'm never going to forget this. >> and we did speak with police trying to get information in this case. they don't have any new details for us. and this family is looking for a new place to live and have unexpected medical wills. -- bills. >> and there is a 17-year-old
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teenager admitted killing two members of the same family with a speeding suv. and they wanted to seat teenager tried as an adult. and think were killed when the teenager's speeding car jumped a sidewalk. the judge called him a quote danger to society. and he pleaded guilty to two counts of fell any vehicular manslaughter. and rila tiffs are not satisfied. >> we're hoping he sends a message have you to be responsible for actions because you're sorry at sentencing but it's too late. >> there is a guilty plea part of an agreement with the prosecutor who believes the teenager shown here is sorry for what happened.
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>> he admitted early stage which is an indication of being remorseful. i think this comes across to me, he is. >> the teenager's parents came to support their sochblt he can get a term of seven years when jentsed. and according to law must be released by age 21. >> 150 concerned parents showed up with a meeting to address last week's kidnapping. on friday there is a 9-year-old girl groped in the bathroom and dragged outside by her attacker. and there are add minute vaitors considering changes. >> i would drop drown and scream as loud as i can. >> and that is a fine line and something we'll talk about. >> the 25-year-old has been arrested and charged with kidnapping and child
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molestation. the school has begun to attack locks to gaets and considering putting up a fence. >> tonight details against a prominent gay rights advocate. he entered a not guilty plea today and there are prosecutors claiming there is more than enough evidence against him. and we're live tonight, you've seen documents and evidence that is shocking. >> it is shocking what is contained in a search warrant and he said he could not repeat any evidence in this warrant because it's too leery. the 66-year-old remained silent. he was charged with six counts of possessing and distributing child pornography. he was arrested in june after police searched his home and
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seized videos and a computer. and he had been out on bail. and the direct attorney says charges are serious. >> the nature of the messages and photos that were being distributed were disturbing. >> this so much warrant reveals how disturbing says that in january, los angeles police began an investigation after receiving cyber tips from the national center of missing and exploited childrening. aol reported a user had been communicating with another user with a yahoo address. that user turned out to be an in aug australia. attachments show children as young as two and three being sexually assaulted and performing various sex acts on adult men n may, lapd turn the case over to san francisco police telling them zach 3737 was larry brinken.
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investigators found that brinken belonged to several yahoo discussion groups they say exchanged stories about exploiting young boys and girls. those conversations also contain racial slurs against african americans. gascone says there is no question of the involvement. >> he was a active participant in receiving this information and passing it out. >> this video shows brinken years ago, being profiled when receiving counseling to dweel a stress of his work at the human rights commission. best known there for pieo yearing work for gays and lesbians. he helped draft an equal benefits ordinance. and today outside of the court house, brinken continued silence. >> do you have anything to say about this case? >> now, district attorney said he waited this long to file
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formal charges against brinken because did he not want to compromise a concur wrent investigation by police. >> there is a police officer out on bail tonight off being arrested for domestic violence. officer was arrested yesterday in alameda county. he's on grade leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation. >> 24 hours blowing that big call on monday night football a referee was spotted out on the town. there is pun person with a picture taken and there is a
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bank executive. he's a junior college rep when just completed training three weeks ago. and espn reported there has been no official update on talk autos there is a massive pay out for students in that protest at uc davis last year ending with officers dousing the demonstrateor was pepper spray caught on camera. that video went viral. abc 7 is live now with reaction for us. nanette? >> and this is hard to believe it's almost been a year since that controversial spraying took place here. now, the university is close to putting it behind them and there is this settlement. >> this is pain. >> there was an unforgettable scene last fall. police at uc davis pepper spraying peaceful protestors
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who were upset about the rising costs of tuition. now, an acknowledgement the response could have been handled better. uc officials and american civil liberties union representing protestors agreed to settle a lawsuit for a million dollars. >> telling us the university is held accountable for actions and they'll make sure november 18th st not happen again. >> the chancellor who has apologized for the incident keeps her job but among terms of the settlement must write an apology to each person hit hit with pepper vai. after a quarter million are deducted plaintiffs will get $30,000. aclu would help form lating new policies and students whose performance declined will get records adjusted. >> and they had been followed and i suffered major panic attacks to me it told me that i had no right to speak out against the university.
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it's unreasonable hike autos once a judge signs off, the university will make payouts from it's own insurance fund. but that is tax pay skbrer tuition money being used. something up seft something students. >> they say they have a constitutional right. but, to free speech. i don't know whether it's entitled to $1 million. >> this increases total payout to more than $2 million so far that. accounts for a crisis management team and investigators and more lawyers. >> still coming up, an alert from chevron on the richmond fire. now they've pinpointing a cause and are issuing a warning to other refinery autos a skier survived an avalanche is on the way home tonight with a remarkable tale to tell. >> abc 7 news previews a big
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america's cup event in san francisco next week. you're going to see why he's known around here as the comeo door. >> you can now get scores for free. i'm michael finney and i'll show how to doñ!
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chevron is warning about the possibility of pipe failures at their own companies. the giant found inspecks failed to uncover the corrosion krblt together fiery accident.
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chevron said did it not inspect the individual pipe. therefore went unaddressed. >> what we've done is enhanced our inspection program to try to prevent something like this from happening again. we're sharing what we've learned and our investigation is ongoing with other companies. >> and here is a picture of the section of the pipe that failed sending thousands of people to the hospital and knocking out one of the largest refineries for a time. >> there is an i team investigation. the governor signed a bill banning the use of dogs for hunting bears and bob cats. there is a law banning the practice beginning next year, those who oppose claim the state would lose $400,000 a year in license fees and would have to pay hunters to cull the population. the sponsor says it's an inhumane practice and that
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this will protection dogs and wildlife. >> there is a decline in the number of marijuana seizures this year. according to a unit for the california watch officials are on track to eradicate 1.5 million plants this year and this sounds like a lot. and many attribute this to the elimination of the program after three decades. the california watch reports pot seize yir you'res have fallen in oregon and washington as well. >> america's cup is back next week and will have perhaps biggest crowds watching that the sport has ever seen. we're live to explain why this is a publicity perfect storm. >> this is. and you know, the america's cup world series drew a good-sized crowd.
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it had its first san francisco regatta next week is fleet week. and it's also hardly strictly festival, then, oh, yeah. giants in the playoffs. i don't thu -- think you can pick a better week. as the teams practiced this afternoon, the director of the regatta ticked off things organizers are doing to build an audience for the racing. >> the fact we go around the world and into lots of different countries this is broadcast across the world, live. >> and says the interest outside of the united states is already there. and building an audience in san francisco is just a matter of getting people to watch this new racing. >> we have to captivate their imagination. there is this next week is an important one for the america's cup organizers and teams and the city of san
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francisco. >> this is going to be many events bringing people to the water front and expose people who have never seen races before. and there is three big cruise ships tied up in san francisco. heading out to see the sites. >> and we wanted to see aquarium. >> there is not a lot of folks and i asked if they would consider coming back next september. >> just making a trip to see that? >> i think i would. >> and this is kids that would love it. >> and i think she meant they'd love to see the boats not larry elly.son there. is a big crowd headed for the city next week. there are some people told us no. there is no interest in watching but then, they'll be
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here, perhaps. and perhaps thil see the yachts that is part of the plan. >> and there is a great shot. >> does it look chilly out there? >> sandhya patel is in for spencer. it has been cooler. >> take a look behind me from our roof camera. there is fog already over the bay. and it's going to be dense tonight. so morning commute watch out. there is live picture now. you have to see this, check it out this, is from our camera. there is a moon 90% full. you can see shaky camera there. it's breezy outside. there is fog on the chilly side especially near the coast. let's check out live doppler 7 hd. there is fog cozying up to the coastline all morning and after the foon.
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noft budging and this is making its way in over the bay. so watch out for it in the morning. temperatures now chilly mid-50s at this hour at beaches and there is low l 0s, fog tonight dense in patches. there is going to be warm to hot for weekend f there are plans you'll want to go to short and short lives. there is upper. >>s to mid-50s. there is dense fog could slow you down. there is a warm pat warm pattern and tomorrow, we'll see gains tomorrow, we'll see a drop in temperatures. and there is a warm up, as we head into the weekend, it's
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giving us nice wind flow z when you get that flow, the heat will peak. dwoitsing to be cooking inland near triple digit heat by sunday that is highs for thursday, 2 in san jose. and and there is a warm day over los gatos and on the peninsula and 75 in san mateo. coastal areas held down by fog. 62 in pacifica. for those of you who do not like the heat, we'll have you covered. there is 60s at the coast. and there is 83 in santa rosa. there is newark, 76. there is 88 in concord zport monterey bay, 65 degrees in
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monterey. there is fog holding on into afternoon. accu-weather forecast, forecast rise more on friday. and and look at the weekend. and mid-90s nland z low 70s beaches, sunday, hot inland. mid-70s on coastline is normal. hot weather inland is warm. and so there is and we're going to be searching for it coming up next a two-wheeled solution for traffic
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>> this month japan announced it is phasing out nuclear power plants and will relie more on natural gas. today, executives came to san francisco to present their new gas power plant. ge says it uses technology to power on and off and that makes it ideal to use alongside renewable energy. japan has ordered several turbines. natural gas is gaining on coal power in this country. >> we'll be three, four more
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years before gas will be above coal over all. and for some peak periods, it became at the same level of coal. >> there is one of the largest suppliers of natural gas in the world. >> a san francisco company announced a way to help you get around the city. the company is testing a new service and you can rent it for $5 a ride this, come was a helmet and no special drivers license is necessary. there the mayor says it's a way san francisco is leading in green innovation. >> if you want to go around the city at 30 miles per hour it will be less than half of the power of a toaster. and it's equivalent to 850 miles per gallon to be on one of the electric scooter autos and 50 are available right
6:26 pm
now. and san francisco, the company is testing the service if it works it will be expanded. >> and there is a lot more news still to come here, what sk done to combat west nile virus and and your voice, your vo. a major shift in momentum and an important swing state seems to be coming out of the blue tonight. blue tonight. >> there is a foundry where this is a lot of food for 4 bucks.
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yeah... think they made a mistake? i don't know - maybe. the fried cheese melt is back for just 4 bucks. 1 of 4 big 4-dollar meals on the 2-4-6-8 value menu. only at denny's. open all night.
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wreaking news now in san francisco. a chase ended in a serious crash. you can see there is an active scene here. police were pursuing robbers when the car slammed into a minivan and struck another vehicle. >> the woman driving this van had to be cut out of the vehicle. and is now in emergency. there are two injured in the wreck. >> this happened just about an hour ago. police say the suspects robbed
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a woman today and n.pacific heights. >> also a case of west nile virus confirmed in the city. the health department says a local man is hospitalized and recovering at home. there is live for the latest on this. >> there is a only for horses. prevention is the best medicine like getting ready of mosquito breathing groudz this is meaning it's been inspected for standing water within the last two weeks. >> there is a dead bird found what was confirmed to have the virus, and the san francisco man has now become a city's first confirmed human case since 2005. the public health department issued an advisory to doctors but cautioned it's no reason to panic. >> one out of five become ill.
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and they're more likely to have a fever and aches and pains. and like a flu like illness not knowing they were infected. ask only one and one in 150 will develop disease. >> the victim had not traveled outside of the bay area so the infectedded mosquito was in san francisco or another county. san francisco is not very mosquito friendly but there are species that like it here. >> and there are four species particularly that could transmit west nile in the area. and the my crow biologist says one species most responsible feeds on humans and birds and breeds in a variety of places... >> this happens to be breeding
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around a place where you a mixture of birds and humans and breeding sites there is a cocktail that means west nile virus can occur in greater number. >> the city has its own methods of keeping the lid on the breeding. >> you're a bike messenger? >> they spend all day inspecting 26,000 catch basins for standing water. >> if there is water we'll treat witness a packet and that is we keep track of how long. >> and the abaitment is now on to blue paint. next time they'll see that green dot and it's time to take a look. and will be available in the city of san francisco. >> thank you.
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and an extreme skier survived an average over the weekend is on the way back home tonight. the 48-year-old livermore native is one of to 1 people whose camp was swept away sunday morning. nine of them were killed and reporters caught up with the survivors today and he described himself one of the luckiest in the world to be alive. >> my face is smashed and there is a group that they is no teenl. i had none this morning. and i'm just -- beat up. this is like you started punching me now. >> there is the world's 8th highest mountain once reaching the summit. >> there is a major shift in
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momentum for the race for president tonight. new spol polls show the president up in ohio. abc news moved ohio out and into the obama column giving 255 likely votes to 206 for romney. 270 needed to win the election. and both campaigned today. the president seized on momentum, linking romney to comments that 47% of americans are victims who have been depending on the government. >> i don't believe we can get far with leader who's write off half of the nation as victims. i don't see a lot of victims i see hard working ohioins. that is what i see. >> near clearland romney tried to repair the damage, expressing empathy, claiming
6:35 pm
policies would help get them back to work. >> cutting through words you can look at record. and when you can see policies that have not created the jobs america needs, then, you know it's time to choose a new leader. get a new coach. get america growing again. >> history says it's a must win for romney. >> and a tv you tell to change channels. and those are just some ideas out of a lab in palo alto for your smart phone or tab blet. there is at and t calls it a foundry. but it's producing new apps that tap into today's high speed wireless networks one idea started just six weeks ago. this is to use a tablet to monitor their vitals realtime. there is another promoting
6:36 pm
driver safety. there is a module rolling out parents to track speed and location from home. and parents can restrict how far their teenager can drive. >> this is studying for a teen-aged driver when there is an area if they were to leave thairnts would receive an alert. >> there is other two in texas and israel. >> most partners are outside developers and start ups and we think drawing on the knowledge is going to draw it up there is foundry launching this app today. >> that gets sent up to the
6:37 pm
service. and in the cloud it figures out what those words were and how they match with the system and they get 90 days and there are 30 projects out of the way at any given time there is a high percentage that ends up on the smart phone or tablet, soon. >> michael fin gee up next with a freebie. >> how to get your score at no
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there are offer that's claim to be free but aren't. >> so many that when an offer is free, you know it's worth talking about. >> and meek yil finney is here now to do the talking. >> it's free and there is now up and this can give you a score for free. >> there is the ceo of credit karma. the company believes they should in the have to pay for scores and there are sites now and ian uses it for just that purpose. the 48-year-old single dad was a victim of identity theft.
6:41 pm
>> this gave me piece of mind of keeping an eye on thing heerz is how it works. users can access credit score free. not the widely used score but that snot the point here. and there is joe with action. >> not very useful. if you keep track going up or going down, that is going to be mick yiming whether or not it's going up or down. >> it isn't the only such site. it offers a similar service. and credit says to me there is a free fake fico score but there is a difference. >> i like it more because you can pull your report every day and find out how it changes every day. >> and ta makes it possible to
6:42 pm
keep the site free for 7.5 million user autos there are free sites that are free. they're not free. if you don't cancel you often get charged. >> i won't have used it if it wasn't free. >> there is another way to go to annual credit there are thinks on our web site. and this is a lot of us all oaf the federal government asking them to include a score. >> that is good. >> and this makes sense. >> still to come here tonight there is a fascinating look at the history of stop motion animation. >> how it's influencing movie asks teñaú
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a 6.9 earthquake struck about two hours ago in alaska centered out of the pacific a
6:46 pm
thousand miles from anchorage. and researchers offered a new perspective on a quake in april that was the tenth largest in past 100 years showing there is a triggering smaller quakes a week or more later. researchers say findings are a warning that risks can persist for days after a large earthquake. >> there is an exhibition of one of the oldest fompls film production opens on friday. this is called between frames. and don sanchez has a preview. >> from a primitive version with bears to creatures a nightmare before christmas this is which figures are
6:47 pm
filmed for a frame, then slowly manipulated to move. displayed here because of a connection. >> there is history rooted in san francisco. there is so much to it. this is nightmare before christmas filmed in a warehouse. >> and lost world would lead to king kong. >> first film he did was at imperial theaters known as market street cinema. >> this is about patience, it hasn't changed in more than 100 years and computer graphics can't replace this. like gumby. here is a puppet before clothing. this is one from james and the
6:48 pm
giant peach. it's a stand in. >> he would stand in for lighting and work then hero puppet would be brought in. >> stop motion inspired walt disney. >> it's a performance, you're seeing it closely. >> there is on exhibit until april. >> this is really cool. >> abc 7 is a disney-owned station. >> worth visiting. >> yes. >> let's check on the forecast now. >> there is sandhya patel is back. >> there is a warm to hot period of time. felt like summer there is foggy this afternoon, there is
6:49 pm
temperatures down by a few degrees today. and in livermore there is a warm 87 degree day. that is also down by a couple degrees from a minor drop off in temperatures to a major warm up hitting the weekend. tomorrow, it's warmer. low 90s inland. there are 60s along the coastline with fog. 74 in oakland. taking a look at giants forecast it's the last game of the regular season. there is tomorrow, hosting diamond backs. there is sunshine out there, only going to get warmer and there is coastal areas into 70s so beach, pool, popular places. and there is cooler every day starting next week. and there is abc 7 about to
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make someone $49,000 richer. and we'll announce the winner october 18th after they take on the seahawks here on abc 7 news, if you already like us, you stril a chance. go to facebook page and click that $49,000 button that is taking you to where you can enter. that is all have you to do. >>
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join me tonight at 9:00, coming up, karma gedon, part two. two day as way in los angeles but this time it's not just gridlock but traffic jams in the sky, too. >> and there is a berkeley man's duet with an iphone. >> there is now sports and latest on the nfl. >> there is most labor negotiations about money, pain and leverage.
6:54 pm
and that is giving lock out refs more leverage. and one source says the difference is about $2 and there is defensive players taking advantage and we found one raider going to miss the replacement officials. >> and either way there is still bad form and we're going to still go out there and play football. >> there is a fine for the hit against raider receiver and he was taken to the hospital and thankfully is okay and expected to make a recovery. how about raiders defense?
6:55 pm
signing andre carter, former cal bear had 76 sacks and 10 last year with patriots before an injury and carter arriving just in time to face peyton manning sunday. >> he's peyton manning and there is no way we're going to say he's the sfaim quarterback and i don't see a drop off. >> with road games they're staying back east in young town, ohio prepping for a game with the jets there is a special week for safety daunte whitner from ohio. >> this last year, they came here and said there is a good time. and this is a good time for us to come here and bond together.
6:56 pm
and knowing we're in hotels all day. i goat come home. >> and the team is playing thursday night football tomorrow night at washington. and there is a school record in a blowout of the huskies. and there is not going to underestimate this team. there is a budding quarterback. a tight end looks like one of our tight ends there is a guy with a lot of big plays and we have to be ready four the environment. there is melky cabrerra serving a 50 game suspension. it's eligible to come back for the national league championship and giants seem
6:57 pm
to want to keep him on that tomorrow. a's fighting for a spot facing nolan ryan's spots there is chris carter and brandon moss score there is a acht's leading 7-3. >> that this edition of abc 7 news. >> and from all of us here. >> have a great night. -- ca
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestant are-- a stay-at-home mom from houston, texas... an attorney from tacoma, washington... and our returning champion-- a communications and economics student originally from ardsley, new york... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex trebek!

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